Thursday, April 25, 2013

Short; all over the place; train of thought raw.

So I'm sitting here this morning, and listening to some worship music, and I realize how far along I've come. I was so used to living in the that I live in grace, I see how beautiful, kind and loving Papa can be. For so long I blamed the church, or simply didn't care to give it a thought. I didn't think in my leisure time, I'd be listening to worship music on the regular. I hope to raise my kids to think this is the norm. That Papa loves them...that He, indeed, is a forgiving, all gracious Father that accepts us for us. He has unconditional love- truly and unsurpassably unconditional love like no other. That they come to tears just thinking about how much grace He has for us. How they, too, can love freely and know that Papa God is there to protect them. Daily worship and family prayer won't be anything new to them. That's not to say it wasn't new to us, we went to our ridgid church every sunday, bible study classes/ cathecisim classes, we'd listen to Christmas music (not worship music, mind you) every November-January. However, we never were taught that Papa God is so amazing. That His Goodness is so powerful... that we can soak in it everyday. That we have a choice...that "all we have to say is 'Yes' ...a simple 'Yes'..and we take one step and he runs a hundred towards us." (Kate Wegenast)So this is all exciting and new to me...But the point being, when I have kids, this will never be a new concept to them. That in itself, will put them a million miles ahead of me. If just that is my legacy, I'll die a happy woman. :)