Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lets play catch up

...Shall we?
Since Sept 2011, I have:
+Moved to a new position at my job, a better one that will allow me to pursue my Doctorate
+Visited India for vacation purposes only- and LOVED it!! (Saw the Taj Mahal and many other amazing sites but more than that... I realized how much my immediate family ROCKS!)
+Moved out of the condo and got myself a house with a yard (for puppppiiiesss!!!)
+Adopted a stray Indian dog and had it flown here (much thanks to the big bro, sis-in-law, my sister aka the puppies Godmother and sisters bf aka the puppies Dad {our relationships are all askew})
+Found a stray here in TN (named Shaan: it means Pride in Hindi) while the Indian pups paperwork was being processed, loved it, tried to train it, failed, sent it to a (very expensive) trainer and can now kind of live in harmony.
+Finally got my Indian baby home (Named Arya: Sanskrit for Noble/great) and am having so much fun with him
+Arya and Shaan have decided to NOT get along so I am now on puppy duty all hours of the day and much of the night. (Where are the sedatives when I need them!?--for the dogs that is, not me!)
+Sister and Ron visited and we had lots of fun!
+Became single
+Got a chance to rethink WHY I am not on my path to my DNP per plan.
+Revisited my priority list. Need to refocus.
+Realized taking on more than one thing apparently makes me flustered. So I am going to unfluster, refocus and take one day at a time.
+Tried to do this Body detox/cleanse thing which didn't go well due to my coffee addiction. Will try again after weaning myself off the coffee. (I've done 3/10 days of it- and I did really well, just the coffee withdrawal headaches were too much to handle cold turkey. So my mission for the next month is getting OFF coffee and retrying this Cleanse-- which I already am seeing results of!)
+Realized I need patience with people and puppies.

Now that things are ...slightly calming down, I will be updating more frequently. For now, I have to take the lil one to pee! Toodles!