Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thank You

I have to say I have to be the luckiest woman alive. With all the blessings that have been showered upon me by The Big Man Upstairs, I know that I just have to be! I just finished Nursing school and after two long years of torture, I have met many beautiful people. It still feels very surreal and I'm not used to this "time-to-myself" thing and was going stir crazy in the house. Anyhow, I have an agenda for this particular blog and a message to a few people:

Sara: I love you so much, monkeytoes! I really do. You have supported me and without your support (emotional and financial alike ;-D) I wouldn't have been able to even apply to nursing school, forget actually finishing and becoming a full-fledged R.N =D You've constantly put me and my needs before yours and bit your tongue (okay, not ALWAYS hahah but I am sure I needed to hear what you said the times you didn't.) You know that song from Michael Franti you love "My mama told me don't lose you...cuz the best luck I've had is you!" is SO true! It had to be a heck of a luck and blessing to have you as an older sister! Ma is so proud of you!

Patrick: Thank you for all your support as well. Again, without you, I wouldn't be able to finish. You know what you've done for me and I will never forget it either (even if you don't think I know the extent of what you've done, know that somehow, I do.) You are the best brother one could ever ask for. Even if you think my graduation dress is horrid =D I still love you!

Jerry: I'm sure I have put your patience to a test and you've passed with flying colors! haha But babe, thank you for everything! Thank you for waiting patiently night after night while I did my work and THEN talked to you on the phone. Thank you for understanding and loving me unconditionally! Thank you for listening to me explain my lectures to you- I could barely sit through them and I had to, but you didn't have to. Yet you helped! And Thank you for all the help in psych!! You have done so much for my spirituality and my soul...It would have been such a struggle without you reminding me about what's important!

Rezeda: My hunnibunnie... Where do I start? I have learned so much from you. I love how we can make faces at each other through class (if I did that to anyone else, they might've thought I'm a lil retarded LOL) I have enjoyed your company every day. I am so grateful to have you in my life- and it was a blessing to be in every clinical rotation with you. I will miss all the projects we did together... "Let's look for a squeezed heart!!" ... "YELLOW!!!"....not to mention all the infamous 'falls' you have witnessed me take! hahah I have had SO much fun with you and without you nursing school would just plain SUCK! Don't ever change my curious cat =D

Olga: My dear superwoman! You amaze me-you know that? Did I ever tell you? You are an amazing woman. I cannot imagine doing what you've done. You are one hell of a strong woman!Combine with that your wit, your intelligence and your awesome straight up attitude- what more could I ask for in a friend?! I hope one day I'll be just like you ;) I really do admire you. Finally, love, all your hard work has paid off and you deserve every good thing your heart ever desires!

Jane: Can I tell you what an impact you have had in my life?? I only got closer to you this year really, but wow, what a year!! =) Thank you for accepting me with open arms and opening your home to us as well. We've already talked about what you mean to me and what I have learned from you and how much I adore your family...Jane, you will forever be stuck in my heart ;) (does the image of you being in a jail-type-room in a big red heart come to mind? LOL) But in all seriousness, with this chapter of our lives coming to an end, I look forward to a journey with you- where ever it may lead us- I know you'll always have a special place in my heart. I love you!

I know no matter what, we are all in each others lives forever. I love you guys and I am looking forward to another exciting chapter of my life!! You guys mean the world to me. I just hope that you all know that :) MWAAHHH everyone!