Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I write in fear...I write nonetheless...

In fear that... my nursing school friends are gonna kill me for spending time doing things OTHER than school related assignments
In fear that... ya'll might see a different side of me (yeah not one of the wild shrew poems lol)
In fear that...my sister is going ot jump to conclusions (haha looovetthhh ya!)

But ...enough with the disclaimers and confessions... here is one I just wrote ..raw..not revised (and I refuse to) ... so do read, comment and lemme quote Erykah Badu and say ...Keep in mind I'm an artist (ok far frm it) and I'm sensitive about mah shit! ...:-D


I want

...to be your sweetness- it is all that I need
...to be your queen- is all I need to be pleased
...to be your wife, your boo, your love, my life
...to be the apple of your eye- your angel in disguise

...to feel secure in your presence-
and your absence too

And I want
...you to love me forever-
sweet, sensual and wild

...to be the Goddess
that will one day carry your child

I want
...you to know that I will always respect you
and support you in all that you do

...that your struggles will be our struggles
and your achievments ours too

...that our disagreements will
always lead to love-making

..and our love-making...well....

And I want
…you to know only One
will come before you

…that no matter what
we will always be together
to make
One heart,
One love,
One family

Just Us