Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P. King of Pop

R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson ( August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
You will be missed.

Gone but never forgotten

Monday, June 22, 2009

A few things on my mind...

Road Rage
What the fuck is up with MORONS on the road? DMV needs to do a better job with giving people their drivers licenses. I mean, why is it that when someone sees a car flying toward them, they feel the need to pull out quick like they got a dying loved one in their little fucking Geo-Metro and need to get to the hospital yesterday- but once they are on the road, proceed to drive 35mph …on a 50mph road?? And for that matter, why do people (esp. from PA) feel the need to pull out like they gotta take a shit and they just spotted a toilet across the ways-cut through 2 lanes of traffic - to jump onto the left lane- then proceed to drive 5 miles BELOW the fucking speed limit?! Oh and if you have a car that has 0 pickup and you’re trying to pull out from a parking lot that’s on the left side of the road- WAIT till it is appropriate to pull out!! If you see ONE car on the left lane- and a few on the other 2, wait for the mothaloadin car to pass before you screech out in front of that ONE lone car and then try to gain speed- it will save you the embarrassment of looking like a “special” animal trying to keep up with the rest of the herd (and maybe the embarrassment of someone flippin you the bird while cussin you out as they drive past you…and yes, you deserve it.)
Yeah, I know they say that road rage is just a sign of un-dealt subconscious issues- I have news for you- EVERYONE has issues they have yet to deal with so kiss it. When I’m trying to get somewhere- be competent or get off the daggone road :-P
Gender codes:
I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while. Back when I was in college (the first time round,) a male friend of mine wanted me to play matchmaker and hook him up with a female friend. When my female friend asked me about my honest opinion, I gave it. Given her past, I thought he’d be a bit immature for her. The relationship (so far) worked out. A few years later, my male friend contacted me saying “Oh, so… Vicky told me you told her that I’m immature..??” Now I did say that, yes. What baffled me though, was that she broke THE code. FTW?! Seriously ya’ll… what’s wrong with this picture?! How dare she go break THE code cause she’s gettin some now?! I don’t care if it was umpteen years ago! I don’t care if you’ve been together for a ga-ja-ba-jillion years now. Ladies: Just- Don’t- Do- It! It’s called a woman code for a reason. Your man WILL NOT UNDERSTAND. Hence the term WOMAN code. Do not go blabbering shit just cuz you think you’ve finally gott him. When a female friend trusts you and gives you her honest opinion and you go against it, it STILL does not give you the right to put yo’ girl all out like that!! Dayum. Where's the loyalty? I know that's your man... but what's that sayin..bros 'fo hoes? (Not that her dudes a hoe lol) Venuses before Penises (yeah I just came up with that...I feel so smart!) This is why I like being by myself. People tend to forget shit quick! :-P

Now same goes for you gentlemen… if you think ol’ girl is cool and “she’d understand” ….or think “my chick ain’t like everyone else… she knows boys will be boys…” DON’T-DO-IT!! Keep your Boys club gossip in the boys club. Pillow talk is great- I recommend it, I love it. But keep some shyt to yo’self! Lol
Misleading TV shows

Yes, it is just a TV show- but you’d be surprised how many people get their “edjumakaschun” from TV shows. Thus, it is my responsibility to call out the bullshit shows- at least the ones that I watch that are my field-related.

#1 On my list is one of my favorite shows: Scrubs. J.D., I have watched you from your first day as an eager intern to the new interns you have now. I still continue to watch you because- well- I secretly wish I had a best friend like Turk that would do stupid shit with me and have a good laugh about it. Anyhow- I don’t have a problem with you per se. I do have a problem with Carla having time to go socialize with ALLLLL the docs and I think I’ve seen her about 5 times with a patient. What nursing position allows you to do that? I know she is now a Nursing Supervisor- but when Turk first started dating her, she was “just a (lowly) nurse” So- now, remind me- how does a nurse- a pool nurse at that get away with socializing like she’s in a night club filled with doctors and never has a code- never has a fuckup- never cries because the job is too much on her??

#2 On my list is another one of my favorite shows: House, MD. I’ve been on hospital floors quite a few times now ;) and I have never- in my entire tiny lil career- seen a doctor start an IV (unless 2 nurses first try-twice each, the IV therapy nurse isn’t on call and even then, there is some hesitation in calling the house doctor “just to start an IV line”), start a foley or give meds to patients (bwahahah) Let alone the fact that throughout the series, a nurse is rarely present in the room- like the docs do it all… *rolls eyes* Do you know what *most* docs do? They look at the patient, they scribble (like they are writing with their left foot) in the patients chart, and move on to the next client. Except for this ONE doc I had the pleasure to meet- who was excellent with patients. (side note: I already told my fam- if I ever get sick, I want HIM to be my MD…he’s that good!) So please Dr. House, I request that you and your staff stop misleading the poor public like this, and give credit where necessary.

#3 HawthoRNe: When I’m on the floor, I barely have the time to sit down to document- how, pray tell, do you have time to go visit with friends outside the hospital or visit your daughter in school- and be back in the hospital for the next emergency? Hmm… “did you clock out when you left hospital grounds?” Tsk tsk…. I mean, I know you’re a “Nursing Supervisor” and all, and apparently you have a time machine that lets you be present for board meetings and hover over your short staffed floor, meet up with each of your nursing staff personally and yet magically appear in places OUTSIDE hospital grounds when needed? Impressive!

#4 Nurse Jackie: So far, you’ve been kickass! However, just like HawthoRNe, how is it that you have time to fuck the pharmacist, work as much as 80 hours per week, be a preceptor to a first year nursing student, go home to two kids- both below 10 yrs of age, fuck your husband- still be up before the rest of your family to fix your kids lunch- all while having your make-up on? Oh..right… it’s the percs! Never mind ;) And speaking of the Nursing school student- do some justice- Clinicals are the most stressful part of Nursing school- if you have a right professor precepting you. You don’t just get to la-di-da and relax and twirl around in a chair- neither is “go get your stethoscope from the MD” the biggest task on a nursing students plate. Again, give credit where necessary! I beg of you. Gracias.

(I will continue to add to this list as necessary…)

Friday, June 12, 2009

On stereotyping your own race...

I've been in the U.S of A. for a good 11 years now and I never fully understood the cliquey-ness of the Indian culture here. Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I'm not attacking ALL INDIANS EVERYWHERE- I know, I haven't had the pleasure of meetin' and greetin' with my peoples from the motherland who have settled in states other than New Jersey -nor have I met with every Indian settled in NJ- so I'm not generalizing ...just accounting for my personal interactions... Anyhow ... where were we? Oh! Right! Indians- So, my sister jokes that my circle of friends always looks like the United Colors of Benetton ad and I never thought anything of it because I made friends based on personality and never on looks (which you would think is the norm...but apparently not :-P)
Back when I was in college, I never paid attention to what someone wore or how they looked- if they were cool, they could be my peeps. But not with the Indian kids on campus. Nu-uh. You had to dress a certain way, act a certain way- be a certain way (i.e a full-fledged Indian.) One day my girl Angie and I were in the cafeteria and the "cool" kids walked in. I commented about the mob-mentality and wondered why they always gave me the cold shoulder. That's when Angie said "Gurrrrrl, that's cuz you gots some soul in you! You know you don't look Indian! I thought you were from one of the Islands!" I was shocked at first because I never paid attention to the differences as far as looks was concerned but I took it as a compliment (Don't get me wrong, Indians can be BEAUTIFUL... but damn ...some of the stank ass attitudes I've come across negates any hotness)
Anyhow, a few years later, I was back down in South Jersey and my coworker named Shweta was telling me about her parents. She continued to say "Well, you see, in the Indian culture..." I laughed and said ..."Who you tellin'? I know! I AM INDIAN!" She was shocked to say the least. After a few punches in my arm and a few more "NU-UH!! YOU ARE?!"'s she continued with the story then proceeded to invite me to go bowling and shoot some pool with her friends. I accept and meet them at the spot and order a beer. Her friends were all Indians and mostly guys. NONE of them seemed to want to talk to me. Even after the formal introduction, they all pretty much wanted to steer clear of me. Then I hear whispers and I hear Shweta say "No... dude..she's Indian!" (Later I asked her what that was all about and she said they were wondering why she invited me- a non-indian -for the night out) As soon as she said "She's Indian!" I hear a sigh of relief and 4 guys come up immediately and start talking to me. So what? Now all of a sudden because I'm Indian I'm cool? How do they know that I'm not really this devious, bitchy, daughter-of-satan, wretched wench of a female? How does being Indian make me a good person? How does it mean that I have the same morals and values as them? (Since we evidently don't share the same morals and values- And I'm not saying mine are better than theirs or theirs better than mine- it's just different is all I'm sayin') It kinda disgusted me and I must say that I never hung out with them again.
I do get that some people are more comfortable with their own culture or a certain culture... however just because I was born to Indian peoples does NOT mean I am a certain way. It doesn't mean you know me or that you know what I like/prefer. That's worst than someone from outside my culture stereotyping that I have already been 'promised' to man who more likely than not is close to my fathers age. These are MY people.... telling me I have to adhere to certain unwritten, foolish rules and regulations lest I be labled an outcast. I know that even in the melting pot called the U.S.A, every race, every culture, every ethnicity has their own cliques and each clique has their own requirements that one must fullfil. I'm just not ready to accept that I must change who I am to fit in somewhere. Like my idol StaceyAnn Chin says " I want to go down in history in a chapter marked miscellaneous because the writers could find no other way to categorize me ....In this world where classification is key I want to erase the straight lines... So I can be me!"