Friday, June 20, 2008

Cheezit time!

"Dear Shirley:

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the Fall 2008 Nursing class..."


Friday, June 13, 2008

A cynical look at the aftermath

Has anyone else noticed how as the nature of ones relationship changes its course, the attitude of the person changes as well? I'm not talking about victimization in intimate relationships-I'm talking about a couple mutually agreeing and parting ways and in that quick second that the decision of separation is made final- everything changes. These changes are not partial to one side either. Majority of the times, both parties are guilty of similar actions. All of a sudden, the person that once captured your heart- the only person in this whole wide world that could make you laugh through the saddest of times- is out for blood. Ok, I'm exaggerating (well, sometimes this does hold true) but did you ever notice the change in an ex's demeanor toward you?

I do understand that with the change in the name of your relationship, it is no longer his/her job to do certain things- but ever notice how quickly one can stop caring about the person they were, at one point, the most intimate with? What does that say? Was everything just fake? Now that you're not gettin' any, you automatically no longer have to care? So does that mean... you only cared because you were gettin' some?

What is even more confusing is the subtle changes that can be noticed just in the way one talks or interacts with his/her ex significant other- sometimes the tolerance is lowered to that of dealing with a total stranger or an imbecile even sometimes. Or when there is blatant disregard of the other's feelings. All this tells me is that... a) either their love was conditional or b) involved people were deceitful in sharing their true personality...
Maybe I am being too naive or optimistic (imagine that!) in thinking that the feelings of the other person ought to be considered. The very least, it will show character!
Either ways the remedy may be quiet as simple or complex as a person wants it to be, no?